Associate Analytics and Mutual Fund Agent

NSDC – University of Delhi Certificate Course

Associate Analytics

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Carry out rule-based statistical analysis
  • Create documents for knowledge sharing
  • Manage their work to meet requirements
  • Work effectively with colleagues
  • Maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment
  • Provide data/information in standard formats
  • Develop their knowledge, skills and competence
Sl No.
NOS Code
Module type
1 Introduction to Analytics and R programming SSC/N2101 Domain
2 Predictive Analytics SSC/N2101 Domain
3 Document Creation and Knowledge Sharing SSC/N0703 Domain
4 Self and work Management SSC/N9001 Non-Domain
5 Team Work and Communication SSC/N9002 Non-Domain
6 Managing Health and Safety SSC/ N 9003 Non-Domain
7 Data and Information Management SSC/N9004 Non-Domain
8 Learning and Self Development SSC/N9005 Non-Domain

Fees: Rs. 5000

Duration : 1 Semester

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Mutual Fund Agent


  • Develop clear opinions on mutual funds based on research that goes beyond mere performance and risk evaluation.
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis using databases, monitoring regulatory information and interviewing portfolio managers.
  • Remain updated about latest trends in the mutual fund market industry to solidify investment presence and by default, investment profits.

Course Outline:

  • Concept of Mutual Fund.
  • Working of Mutual Fund.
  • Legal & Regulatory framework.
  • Offer Document.
  • Various Parties Involved.
  • Fund distribution & channel management practices.
  • Investor Services.
  • Risk, return, scheme selection and scheme performance.
  • Accounting, Valuation, taxation.


  • Industry recognized skills with regular studies
  • Training on National Occupational Standards created by the Industry through Sector Skill Council
  • Industry endorsed and recognized certificate through NSDC


Duration: 1 Semester

Fees: Rs. 5000

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