B. Com.

This course provides the study of financial accounting, cost accounting, business laws, corporate laws, business economics, income tax laws, financial management, human resource management and other related topics.


Course Structure 

FIRST YEAR (Students admitted in the academic year 2015-16)

For detailed syllabus, click here.

SECOND YEAR (Students admitted in the academic year 2014-15)



CP 3.1: Business Mathematics & Statistics

CP 3.2: Company and Compensation Laws

CP 3.3: Economic Development & Policy in India

CP 3.4: Elective Language

CP 4.1: Cost Accounting

CP 4.2: Income Tax & Auditing

CP 4.3: Economic Regulation of Domestic

               and Foreign Exchange Markets

CP 4.4: Business Communication or Vypar  Sanchar

CP 4.5: MIL Advanced Subject

Detailed Syllabus: Semester-III, Semester-IV


Career Options

The commerce students make a promising career in many different fields like:

  • Chartered Accountant
  • I.C.W.A
  • CS
  • Experts of corporate governance
  • Financial Analyst
  • IAS
  • Teaching