Remedial Classes

Ramanujan College is the only college in the University of Delhi that has been successfully conducting Remedial Classes for SC, ST, OBC and Minority students. The college has a Performa in which the students indicate the course and paper in which they require Remedial Classes. Subject experts are invited from outside to take these classes. The classes are held during mid-semester break, Sundays and holidays. Classes take place in both Hindi and English mediums, though the focus is on Hindi medium students. Students are given stipend between Rs. 500-5000. Subject-related books are also given to the students. Dr. S. S. Rohilla has been pivotal in initiating this endeavour. By arranging the best faculty he has attracted the general category students as well for these classes. His efforts in academically and financially supporting the needy students have been highly appreciated by the Governing Body of the college.


To improve the basic-level understanding of the students who are weak in particular papers; to improve the results of the students; to financially benefit students; to productively utilize the break-time and holidays; and to boost the Hindi medium students and bring them at par with the syllabus.


Student participation has been commendable. Visible improvement in results has been observed.