Centre for Ethics and Values

In the year 2010, the UGC supported Centre for Ethics and Values was initiated in the College. One of its kind, the Ethics Centre as it is popularly known, seeks to synthesize ethical and moral value systems with academic pursuit, to ensure all round growth and development of all students irrespective of the socio-economic and cultural backgrounds that they belong to. Our endeavor is to infuse the spirit of collectivism, creativity and humanitarian spirit in our students. The Centre believes that education should foster values that are oriented towards unity and integrity of people. Such values should help eliminate obscurantism, religious fanaticism, violence, superstition. Apart from this reformative role, ethics and value-education has a profound positive impact on the over all environment of the College. Anchored in our rich cultural heritage, humanistic national goals and universal perception of peace and solidarity become the guiding path of the college.


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Three months certificate course in ‘Application of Ethics in Personality Development’ for the first year students

Centre for Ethics and Values : An Action Plan  2017-18

Notice: Certificate Course on Human Rights – Award of Certificate (Aug-Nov 2016)

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Report on First Conclave of Ethicists and Educationists On 21st April, 2017 At India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Programme schedule for First Conclave of Ethicists and Educationists 


Since 2010, the centre has organized a national seminar, two international conferences, and a national level workshop on Ethics. The first was a two-day seminar on “Ethical dimensions of Governance” at India
International Centre in 2010. This was followed by a three-day conference on “Restoring Culture of Ethics and Values: The Holistic education way” at DU Conference Centre in 2012. In 2013, the Centre organized Students-Teachers Workshop on “Power of Ethics in Learning,” in collaboration with Institute of Life Long Learning, University of Delhi in 2013. In 2014 a two-day international conference on ‘Corporate Transformation: The Ethical Way’ was held at YMCA, New Delhi. Each of these events added fresh impetus to our efforts in making the
subject of Ethics and values popular.

Other than organizing these seminars which brought recognition and acclaim to the College, the Ethics centre also organized an unique event entitled “Antargyaan” or `Inner Knowledge’. in 2013 in collaboration with the Baha’i House of worship, Lotus Temple and Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, Rajghat. The Antargyaan festival provided a window of opportunity to more than 500 students and 50 teachers to learn more about Indian art and culture, cuisine, language, music, economic, politics, geography, history and science with and focus on the integrated and syncretic culture of our country. The four day celebrations were packed activities that included debate, drama-competition, workshops, music, dance, theatre, yoga and meditation sessions.

In collaboration with the NSS unit of the college, the Ethics Centre organized a ‘Joy of giving week’, Daan Utsav from 8-15th October 2014 Main purpose of this celebration was to experience joy from the core of heart by way of ‘giving’ on all the seven days of ‘Daan Utsav’. Three aspects of giving, that is Gyan Daan, in which students taught children from the neghbouring areas; Pushtika Daan in which students donated books and note books to needy children and Mudra daan where money and articles were collected for distribution among poor was an unique way to instill a conscientious heart and mind for the participants.

The centre has published three volumes of the International Journal of Applied Ethics. The Centre has also published a book entitled ‘Ethics in Governance’ in 2011.

The Centre for Ethics and Values is a unique initiative. It has helped greatly in integrating different disciplines and bringing together socially and culturally diverse sections of student community in an harmonious, integrated and creative platform of self expression. The Centre has been a timely intervention in making all aware of an ethical and moral sensibility as an essential to nation building.