The Economics Department of Ramanujan College takes pride in being among the best departments for the study of Economics at the undergraduate level. It comprises a young and dynamic faculty with diverse specializations and interests.

It was in July 2013 that the BA(H) Economics programme was introduced in Ramanujan College under the guidance of Professors of the Delhi School of Economics.

Courses Offered

Economic (Hons.)


  1.  Ms. Isha Gupta
  2.  Ms. Isha Gangwani
  3.  Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh


To inculcate passion for Economics and Economic Policy Making among students, the Department of Economics in collaboration with the Economics Society “Essenzia” annually conducts several workshops, distinguished lecture series and seminars during any given academic year.


  • The Department organised a Lecture by Prof. Syed Ahsan (South Asian University, SAU) on “Risk and Poverty” on 17th September 2014.
  • An Econometric Survey on various Field Projects was carried out by Economics (H) students during the mid-semester break of October 2014.
  • The Department screened a movie Freak-o-nomics which elicited the use of Economics in day to day lives. Mr. Harshit Garg (with industrial experience as a consultant in the field of finance) was invited for an interactive session on Economics Beyond Books.
  • A two-day Stata Workshop was held during the midsemester break of March 2015.