Department of History, Ramanujan College is creatively introducing students of several disciplines to the idea of history.  The department is sincerely promoting the idea of inclusive socio-cultural pedagogy to enrich the current generation.
  1. Dr. Umesh Jha


Sanskriti: To enhance the constant connectivity of the students with the usage of history in a long term.


Department of History, Ramanujan College offers several activities, falling in the ambit of historical perspective, guided/pursued by the department I.e. Historical excursions, archaeological sites tour, in-house seminars, historical debates, historical plays, workshops, historical talks,historical quizzes and games etc. Following activities were executed in the year 2014 – 15.

  1. One day educational trip to the National Museum titled `Towards Awareness of Historical Sense’ was organised in October 2014
  2. One day creative history workshop was organised in the Activity week where students were able to make on the spot posters, slogans , poems , paragraphs etc on various historical topics. The students also made an oral presentation on that topic.
  3. One day educational trip to the Gandhi Smrti, Tees January Marg, New Delhi  titled `To Understand Gandhi’s life’ was organised in March 2015. After the visit the students also made a presentation.