B.A. (Hons.) English

Ramanujan College ensures serious academic pursuit of study of literature within the context of society and culture by making the pedagogy and the content of the subject entertaining. English Literature embraces literature from other languages also. The study of literature is a journey which promises wonders in the form of mastering the skills of comprehension, analysis and interpretation of various facets of your individuality and society. At Ramanujan College, we weave an underlying voyage to every such journey. The experience becomes an imaginary travelling inside your mind which gives an outlet to repressed emotions, aspirations and cravings in turn conferring new dimensions to life. This symbolic adventure trip deepens the thoughts by recognising the initial bricks, relevant context and finally taking its shape in the existing form thus leading to the realisation of rare beauty and profound truth. The expedition makes it much easier to converse and participate in your life and society at large. The course further exposes the students to the canons of English Literature and the developments of various literary genres. In order to enhance the understanding of art and literature, literary theories and background prose readings will be taught.


Course Structure

FIRST YEAR (Students admitted in the academic year 2015-16)

For detailed syllabus, click here.

SECOND YEAR (Students admitted in the academic year 2014-15)



Paper VIII: English Literature 1(ii)

Paper IX: English Literature 2(i)

Paper X: (Any one of the following)

   Option A: Nineteenth Century European

                    Realism (i)

   Option B: Classical Literature (i)

   Option C: Forms of Popular Fiction (i)

Paper XI: Concurrent – Interdisciplinary

Paper XII: English Literature 2(ii)

Paper XIII: English Literature 3(i)

Paper XIV: (Any one of the following)

     Option A: Nineteenth Century European      Realism(ii)

     Option B: Classical Literature (ii)

     Option C: Forms of Popular Fiction (ii)

Paper XV: Concurrent – Discipline Centered I

Detailed Syllabus: Semester-III, Semester-IV


THIRD YEAR (Students admitted under erstwhile FYUP in the academic year 2013-14)



Paper 11: Indian Classical Literature

Paper 12: British Literature: The Early 20th Century

Paper 13: Modern European Drama

Paper 14: Postcolonial Literatures

Paper 15: Modern Indian Writing in English    Translation

Paper 16: British Literature after the 1960s

Paper 17: Nineteenth Century European Realism

Paper 18: Women’s Writing

Detailed Syllabus: Semester-V, Semester-VI


Career Options 

This course offers excellent career opportunities like writing, teaching, editing, publishing, journalism, media research, event management, PR and marketing assistant, leisure and tourism management among many others.