B.A. (Hons.) Political Science

There are many subjects in Humanities (Arts), one of these is POLITICAL SCIENCE. Political Science by name itself indicates that it is a combination of humanities and science. The subject engages itself in analysis and empirical back up to understand and appreciate different concepts and theories of political science and its allied branch. In the college, efforts are contributed to make the subject interesting not only by the way of detailed interactive sessions resorting to references of day to day political scenario and elaborate tutorials but various other events like regular seminar, conferences, study trip, departmental debate.


Course Structure

FIRST YEAR (Students admitted in the academic year 2015-16)

For detailed syllabus, click here.

 SECOND YEAR (Students admitted in the academic year 2014-15)



Paper IX: Introduction to Comparative Govt. and Politics

Paper X: Theories of Administration

Paper XI: Theories of International Relations and

                   World History

Paper XII: Concurrent – Interdisciplinary

Paper XIII: Political Institutions and Processes in Comparative Perspective

Paper XIV: Public Policy and Administration in India

Paper XV: Global Politics

Paper XVI: Concurrent – Discipline Centered I

Detailed Syllabus: Semester-III, Semester-IV


THIRD YEAR (Students admitted under erstwhile FYUP in the academic year 2013-14)



Paper 11: Indian Political Thought-I

Paper 12: Western Political Philosophy-I

Paper 13: Public Administration: Theory and Practice

Paper 14: Development Process and Social Movements in Contemporary India

Paper 15: Indian Political Thought-II

Paper 16: Western Political Philosophy-II

Paper 17: Public Policy and Administration in India

Paper 18: India’s Foreign Policy

Detailed Syllabus: Semester-V, Semester-VI


Career Options

A study of Political Science would lead to different exciting career opportunities which include the following:

  • Post Graduation and Research
  • College and University Teaching
  • Pre- Collegiate Education
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • International Organization
  • Civil services
  • Electoral Politics and many more.