B.A. (Hons.) Psychology

Psychology is deemed important as the knowledge of the subject can be helpful in understanding oneself and others better thereby assisting individuals in dealing with various life problems in an effective manner. The teaching methodology involves the use of innovative ways to impart knowledge, so as to make the learning process an enriching experience for both the students as well as the teachers. The process entails a two way interaction between teachers and students, where there is enough space for questioning, expression of doubts and debates to stimulate students’ thinking ability. The process of knowledge sharing is achieved by

  • Discussions and brainstorming in the class
  • Use of audio-visuals aids (power point presentations)
  • Knowledge tours-trips to educational sites
  • Group activities and simulation exercises in class
  • Case study analysis, movie analysis


Course Structure 

THIRD YEAR (Students admitted under erstwhile FYUP in the academic year 2013-14):
Semester-V Semester-VI

Paper 11: Counseling Psychology

Paper 12: Foundations of Organizational Behaviour

Paper 13: Understanding and Dealing with Psychological Disorders

Paper 14: Community Psychology

Paper 15: Biopsychology

Paper 16: Understanding Human Resource and Practices

Paper 17: Cultural and Indigenous Psychology

Paper 18: Media Psychology

Detailed Syllabus: Semester-V, Semester-VI


Career Options 

There is a great demand of Psychologists in various professional spheres with an increased awareness of the relevance of the subject in the healthcare, profit and not for profit organizations. Psychologists are required in almost all major fields of work, in fact there are barely any areas where knowledge of Psychology is not required or utilized. Hospitals, NGO’s, business organizations, schools, colleges, health care clinics, HR consultancies are some of the workplaces which hire Psychologists, and where the demand is increasing day by day. Depending on one’s personal inclination, interests and aptitude one can choose from various specialization areas of Psychology:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behavior
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology etc.