Innovation Projects

The college fosters an environment of innovation in which the faculty and students are actively engaged in application oriented projects promoting new ideas and research that could solve real life problems and benefit the society. Presently, the college is hosting three innovation projects sanctioned by the University of Delhi. The projects are summarized as follows:

I Project Name: Learning values through Community service

Project Code-RNC-201

 Brief summary of the project

The Centre for Ethics and Values is carrying out an innovation project onservice-learning. Some of the researchers studying ethicalvalues and peace, including TransparencyInternational India, got together with the Centre tounderstand the impact of ethical pursuits on theminds of our college students. The Centrepublished the highly positive findings of the reportin the Third Volume of the International Journal ofApplied Ethics, which was released by DU VC Prof.Dinesh Singh during the recently concluded’Antardhwani Fest’ 15.

Main Objective:

  • To understand the impact of learning through selfless service to the society and its role in building a positive mindset among college students.


II Project Name: Awareness of Consumer Rights inContemporary India – A Comparative Study of Backward Areas & Metropolitan Cities,


Brief summary of the project

Awareness of consumer rights varies in differentregions of the country. The objective of thisproject is to analyze the difference betweenmetropolitan cities, like Delhi, and backwardareas of LahulSpiti (Himachal Pradesh) andMewat (Haryana) regarding Consumer Rightsawareness. The project highlights that theawareness regarding right to inform, right tochoose, right to safety, right to be heard and rightto consumer education is average inmetropolitian cities, whereas awareness is limitedin backward areas. Occupation-wise analysisindicates thatagriculturists are least aware ascompared to serviceman, self-employed peopleand others.

Main Objectives:

  • To assess consumer awareness on the basis of geographical location & occupational differentiation
  • To study the role of consumer courts, NGOs and Research institutions in Consumer Protection & welfare
  • To examine consumer interest in knowledge of their rights and responsibilities

III Project Name: Comparison of Methodology ofThe Mumbai Dabbawalas and Courier Company,

Project Code-RNC-203

Brief summary of the project

The project deals with the difference/similaritybetween the working styles of The Mumbai Dabbawalas and The Courier Company, keeping in mind the expectationsof the customers and the employees of theseorganizations. The project throws light on howthese organizations differ in their timemanagement, revenue generation, costmanagement and the future these organizationshold. Finally, the future of these organizations ispredicted keeping in mind the increase ordecrease in customers or employees of theseorganizations, a projection of what they mightlook after a certain period of time. The projectalso gives some innovative suggestions andinteresting ideas so that these organizations cando better in the future.

Main Objective:

  • Comparing the working of The Mumbai Dabbawalas and the Courier Company and finding the area where the courier company lacks.