Computer Science


The college has been teaching computer science as an application course in B.A(P) and in B.Com, but a fully fledged department in Computer Science came into existence in 2013 with the introduction of B.Tech Computer Science. The department has been actively engaged in a myriad of curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the year. —

  • There are 5 faculty in the department : 5 regular
  • —Presently the total strength of the students is 118.
  • —The department hosts one center and 3 societies.


Courses Offered

B.Tech in Computer Science (under FYUP scheme)

BSc (H) (Computer Science)



1. Mr. Sahil Pathak

2. Ms. Bhavya Ahuja 

3. Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Raghuvanshi (Teacher In charge)

4. Mr. Nikhil Kumar Rajput

5. Ms. Sheetal Singh

6. Dr. Amit Kumar Singh






1. Quiksort

The society is engaged in different departmental and IT related activities of the college like organizing workshops, website development, video editing, poster designing and other IT activities.

2. Robonauts

A society of students to take the robotics programming to the students of other domains inside as well outside the college.

3. Sociovation

An initiative of the students to make an impact on society through innovation in different domains of life.


  • —Workshop on Android Application development in collaboration with Deshbandhu College in which the students learnt to program basic android applications.
  • —A workshop on ‘Introduction to Animation’ was also held in which the students were introduced to the basics of animation. —
  • Workshop on Ubuntu for each class separately from 23 Jan to 3 Feb, 2014 (10 days) to help them use the new operating system installed in their college laptops.
  • —A two day workshop on Ethical Hacking which was conducted by an alumnus of IIT and IIM.
  • —A workshop on Latex was conducted on 29th August 2014 for the students in which the students were shown how to make documents like research papers in an efficient way using this immensely useful text editor. —
  • Considering the magnitude of growth and immense opportunities in the field of cloud computing, the department planned to base one activity solely to familiarize student with the basic implementation of the cloud. An invited lecture on this domain of networking on 8th October 2014.
  • —Session on Cryptography followed by a game CryptoHunt was held on 9th October 2014 to introduce the students with the basics of cryptography.
  • —A workshop on Python was organized on 15th September in association with Campus Hash. Mr Gora Mohanty from Mimirtech taught the students the basics of Python.
  • —An Intra College Coding Championship was initiated on 29th September 2014 in co-ordination with Codechef. The competition is open to all college students in which they are asked to code 3-4 questions and submit solutions online. The championship will continue throughout the session.
  • —A workshop on MATLAB, tool for numerical computation and visualization was held on 29th January 2015.