Political Science

The Department of Political Science is one of the oldest departments of the College.  It was established in 1958 when the college began as Deshbandhu (Evening College), offering Political Science papers to B. A. (Pass) students. Mr. Chattar Singh and Mr. N. K. Mansukhani were the first faculty members of this Department, later joined by Dr. S. C. Saxena, Mr. A. K. Tripathi and Mr. Ajit Singh Chaddha (who left later). The Department began to offer Honors course in Political Science from 1969 with a sanctioned strength of 40 students. Dr. S. S. Rohilla, who joined the college in 1973, is the senior-most faculty member who is still serving the college. The college opened its door for the female students in 1994.

Courses Offered:

The Department offers the following courses:

  • B.A (Hons) 3 year semester
  • Political Science to B.A. (Programme)
  1. Mr. Jagannath Choudhury (Teacher In-charge)
  2. Ms. Amrita Singh
  3.  Dr. B. S. Gautam
  4. Dr. Bipin Kumar Tiwary
  5. Mr. Ajay Kumar
  6. Mr. V. Gunasekaran
  7. Ms. Gargi Sengupta
  8. Dr. Aparajita Mazumdar
  9. Mr. Hari Krishan Sharma


The Society of the Department, named Plus Politics, was established by Mr. J. N. Choudhury in 1995. Several events were organized under the aegis of this society. The Plus Politics Society of the Department was revived with great pomp and ceremony on 6 September 2014.


The Department has organized a number of talks, lectures and Seminars from time to time on various themes.

  • The Department organized a UGC-Sponsored three-day National Seminar on Socialist Philosophy and Socialist Politics after Lohia: Chasm and Bridges, 28-30 March 2011.
  • The Department organised a talk on Environment Movements in India by Dr. Madhulika Banerjee (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi) in 2012.
  • Mr. C. N. S. Nair (Retd. IAS Officer) delivered a lecture on the Relevance of Gandhi 2014.
  • Prof. Mohammed Badrul Alam (Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Scinces, Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi), delivered a lecture on India’s Foreign Policy: Continuity and Change on 7 March 2014.
  • Political Science (H) 2nd and 3rd year students participated various political debates, which were telecasted live by NDTV.
  • Forty-five students of the Department witnessed the Parliament Session on 7 September 2011, accompanied by Mr. J. N. Choudhary and Mr. V. Gunasekaran. Both the faculty members were also invited to be judges in a Mock Parliament session organized by the Department of Political Science, Hindu College.
  • The Department has been conducting the UGC-sponsored 3-months Foundation and Certificate Course on Human Rights Educationto equip students with additional skills and training in human rights and values since 2013.
  • A Two-Day Activities Programme was organised during 8-9 October 2014 by the Plus Politics Society. The following competitions were held: Political Poster Making on the theme Indian Democracy is a Circus; Slogan Writing on the theme Corruption; Debate on the topic Should India Continue with the policy of reservation?; English/Hindi Creative/Essay Writing Competition; Extempore Speech; and Quiz competitions.
  • A Departmental Information Board has been installed in front of Political Science classroom for showcasing articles, cartoons and news reports etc. by the students.
  • The first bi-annual Newsletter of the Department (Volume I, Issue I), Political Express, was published with the theme Indian Democracy. Students from all the three years contributed articles in both English and Hindi, and cartoons.